Note from Chairman

Note from

Makamin Offshore Saudi Ltd

Reflecting back to the time when MOS started, I feel proud to say that we have endured the test of time and evolved into a fast-growing and successful integrated local offshore marine service provider of choice in Saudi Arabia and we will always be very grateful to all those who have supported MOS and kept faith with us even during the most difficult of times.

The implementation of MOS's efficient business model over the past years has enabled us to achieve the current level of success, providing value to our customers, our business partners and all our other stakeholders.

MOS has built a reputable image in its pursuit of excellence, winning the trust and confidence of its customers and business partners. MOS has delivered consistent operational performance and financial results, even during the current adverse oil and gas environment and shall endeavour to perpetuate these achievements in the future.

Our vision is to position MOS among the top-tier offshore marine companies by implementing effective business innovation and strategies. We aim to stay focused on our core businesses whilst continuing to acquire new technology and expand our business portfolio, always keeping in mind our customers' current and future needs and requirements.

Our success is based on the total commitment of our people, who represent our most valuable assets.

MOS is fully committed to the development and retention of our human capital and has long embarked on a strategy to recruit and train adequate management and technical staff in order to support its growing portfolio. Further, the company is on track with its goal of employing and training nationals with the aim of preparing them for leadership and technical positions in the company.

We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the regional's most valuable, most innovative and most admired companies. Our goal is to be an unstoppable company that creates enormous value for all our stakeholders, and the economy.